The opinions of our very own clients. We made some questions and share your opinions:

1. What was the last project you were involved with us?
2. How would you describe the architecture  service of our studio?
3. Do you recommend our work to other people and businesses?

Monica Girotto (Dentist)
1 – The project that we are still involved with Bilé Architectos is the construction of a dental clinic with two doctors offices occupying a space of approximately 80 square meters in the middle of Almada.
2 – From the first contact with the office that the relationship became very good. It´s a dynamic team with innovative ideas, modern and practical. They  achieved exactly what we wanted in a very small space, that some people thought it wasnt possible.
3 – Most certainly yes. In fact, I have.

João Clero (Cattering)
1 – Azeitona Home catering

2 – Available, competent and easy

3 – I’ve done it and I will do it whenever i can.

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